So many of us have stared at a picture of particular bike and just felt good about it.

We have taken this desire and turned it into reality; show us that pic, even if it's just in your mind, and we could probably build it for you.

So, using ideas and/or ours, using your bike or ours, together, we will build that dream via exacting standards, enineering with great attention to detail and exclusiveness.

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URBAN OUTLAW was formed purely because of Kevin’s passion for motorcycles. It never was a business decision. No longer content with just buying and riding the latest whatever we started playing around with building a Cafe Racer. This was in collaboration with Volker Baumgartner who had a general bike repairs shop in Meyerton. Kevin made Volker an offer. Volker closed his shop and we now exclusively do builds and restorations. No general repairs or servicing.

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